The New Land Grain Corridor company

The New Land Grain Corridor company is the head structure of the Group, the so-called holding company of the strategic holding, the New Land Grain Corridor Group of companies (hereinafter referred to as the NLGC group»).

NLGC group implements the supported:

- President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin (PR-1029),

- Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation M.V. Mishustin (MM-P11-7227 from 04.07.2020),

- Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commissions (also included in the interstate "Plan for deepening cooperation between Russia and China in the field of soybeans" signed between four Ministries of Russia and China (for 5 + 5 years)),

- and the Eurasian economic Commission,

The project – " New Land Grain Corridor». More information at the link

NLGC is a large-scale and mutually connected project in terms of "Production", "Storage", "Domestic transportation" and "Land grain terminals", as well as export volumes. It allows us to balance the domestic market (including in terms of pricing, minimizing volatility), ensure coordination, breakthrough development and export not through policy settings, but through creating demand.

New Land Grain Corridor is:

  • export grain transmission infrastructure with a total capacity of more than 8 million tons per year, ensuring the implementation of the export potential of not only Siberia and the Far East, but also the Urals;
  • mechanism of "contract production" of export-oriented products with Producers (production of soy, rapeseed, flax, oats, barley and other crops);
  • long-term point of economic growth of regions and creation of modern jobs;
  • the point of increasing the volume of mutual trade between the EAEU States
  • growth point and mechanism implementation of one of the tasks of the decree Of the President of the Russian Federation dated 07.05.2018, national project " international cooperation and export».

All these facts also make the Project an important component of the practical implementation of the tasks of linking the Eurasian economic Union and the silk road Economic belt. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the  meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping: "Our countries are participating in the establishment of a "new land grain corridor", which will help expand the export of Siberian grain to China and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Such diversification of transport and logistics routes fully fits into the concept of integration of the Eurasian Union and the silk road Economic belt".

New Land Grain Corridor is the most profitable route for Siberian grain exports to China


The key advantages of the created route over the existing ones are the absence of an additional land and sea transport shoulder and the absence of an extra port transshipment of grain (car-ship).