Contributing to the food security and strengthening the status of Russia in the international grain market. Creating the export growth points for the renewable resources. Developing own network of modern grain elevators.
Strengthening the leading positions in the global grain market
NLGC GC is going to become a leading exporter of grains, grain legumes and oilseeds to China, Central Asia and the Middle East.
Maintaining and developing the production base
Development of the potential of grain crops farming in the regions of Ural, Siberia and the Far East by involving new agricultural lands into the turnover and enhancing yield. For this purpose, NLGC GC together with the leading Pryanishnikov Institute of Agrochemistry have launched an extensive agroindustrial research, which has no analogues in Russia.
Expanding the land fund
The Group's activities are aimed at preserving and developing the land fund of the Big Siberia. Through involvement of new agricultural lands into the turnover while preserving the appropriate crop rotation, we can significantly increase the volume of contract farming of grain crops.
Creating new export routes
Creating profitable land and sea infrastructure for foodstuffs deliveries to China, Central Asia and the Middle East.
Investment attractiveness
Expansion of grain products delivery geography and entrance to the markets of China, Central Asia and the Middle East as the most attractive in terms of consumption and favorable location.
Social responsibility in the regions where the Group operates
Implementation of the Group's social responsibility policy is aimed at creating the positive social environment in the territories where the Group operates.

Creation of modern jobs, high level of labor remuneration, professional training for staff, constant tax payments to the state budget and inflow of investments contribute to the economic development of the regions where the Group operates and improve wellbeing of the local communities.
Process innovations
Working towards provision of the world's best grain products for consumers, we introduce state-of-art and safe production processes. Our growth-oriented employees represent the leading professions of the grain sector of the foodstuff industry. We have considerable expertise in digital tools, establish own ecosystems and accurately forecast any changes in the global grain market for which we are prepared.
We ensure a high level of security for everything we do: from construction of high-tech grain elevators to compliance of the products with the international standards of quality, environmental friendliness and human safety.