The New Land Grain Corridor project was set up in 2011. The project is a part of the concept of conjugation of the Eurasian Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt.
2011 — 2012
The project was first presented to the National Development and Reform Commission of the PRC in March 2012.
2013 — 2014
The project of the world's first grain railway terminal in Zabaikalsk urban-type settlement was a solution of the problem arising from difference in railway wheel tracks and contributed to creating the infrastructure for foodstuffs delivery to China.
A "unified formula for grain prices" and a mechanism "contract farming" were elaborated.
2014 — 2016
The New Land Grain Corridor project was supported by the leaders of Russia and China and recognized as a strategic project of conjugation of the Eurasian Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt.
The project was designated as a mechanism of development of the international transport corridors under the Concept of Development of the Border Territories of the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation.
2017 — 2018
The first long-term (10 years) export contract for delivery to China of 48 million tons of soybeans and other quota-free crops was signed.
The project was included in the Grain Products Export Development Program (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation No. 524 dated October 19, 2017).
The project was included in the Program of Social and Economic Development of the Zabaikalsk Territory for 2018-2025 (Decree of the RF Government No. 849-r dated May 3, 2018).
2019 — 2020
The project was included in the interstate Plan of Deep Cooperation in the Field of Soybeans signed between Russia and China (June 5, 2019).
Design and construction of Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk were commenced.
Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk LLC was awarded with the status of a resident of the Transbaikalia PDA (December 4, 2019).
The project was supported by the Chairman of the Russian Government with respect to the provision of the necessary state support for the Project (ММ-P11-7227 dated July 4, 2020).
2021 — now
The programs "Contract Farming" and "Construction and Development of a Network of Linear (Hub) Grain Elevators" were launched on the basis of Production-Export Company (FET LLC is a company of the New Land Grain Corridor Group).
Implementation of the "Container Terminal Zabaikalsk" project aimed at increasing the container cargo handling capacity of the Zabaikalsk Railway Station was commenced.